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What is the meaning of obtain in Hindi?

Meaning of obtain in Hindi is : हासिल करना

Definition of word obtain

Examples of word obtain

  • And the very things which the Jews speak of the Hebrew word obtain also in the Greek.
  • Recently, the Association of the Bar of the City of New York (ABCNY) posted an Ethics Opinion commenting on the developing issue of what lawyers may properly obtain from the Internet concerning clients or adversaries.
  • He seems not to accept "authority" in any terms other than those that might obtain from a guarantee of preservation from all error by the Spirit.
  • The central & north European pies I tasted were on par with what one might obtain from a day old Chuck-E-Cheese slice, after it has been carefully aged on the floor of a truck stop bathroom in Gaffney, SC.
  • But also, as previously mentioned, what most people really obtain is not so much insurance (characterized by infrequent events and high payouts) but rather a product called insurance that really functions as insulation or consumption smoothing (characterized by frequent events and low pay outs).


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