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What is the meaning of occupation in Hindi?

Meaning of occupation in Hindi is : व्यवसाय

Definition of word occupation

  • An activity or task with which one occupies oneself; usually specifically the productive activity, service, trade, or craft for which one is regularly paid; a job. (noun)
  • The act, process or state of possessing a place. (noun)
  • The control of a country or region by a hostile army. (noun)

Examples of word occupation

  • This war and occupation was founded on Bush's lies and these lies have infected everythingabout thisillegal warand occupation~ from the quasi Iraqi American-controlled government to the purposely misleading body and wounded count and why, you ask?
  • He has his money to take care of; a pleasant occupation, you may think; but, after all, an _occupation_, with all the strain and anxiety of labor, making more hard work for him, day and night, perhaps, than his neighbor has who digs ditches or thumps a lapstone.
  • But we have taken genuine steps to devolve power and authority to the interim government, and if that continues I think we'll hear the term occupation less and less.
  • KELLY WALLACE, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): Israelis are still trying to understand if Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's use of the term occupation in public for the first very time indicates a 180 - degree change in his political outlook.
  • The Legislature shall have power to lay an income tax, and to tax all persons pursuing any occupation, trade or profession: Provided, that the term occupation, shall not be construed to apply to pursuits either agricultural or mechanical.


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