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What is the meaning of occurrence in Hindi?

Meaning of occurrence in Hindi is : स‌ंयोग

Definition of word occurrence

  • Actual instance where a situation arises (noun)

Examples of word occurrence

  • One reason I see for this occurrence is the libtards who want to ban guns and hunting have us running scared and the powers-that-be in the shooting community have developed this "cult of safety" (to show our "worthiness" to keep the hunting/shooting tradition) whereby every person that makes a mistake, no matter the degree, deserves excommunication from our church/religion.
  • Sometimes they took a back door into what she called occurrence and what Corey called the real world.
  • While neither occurrence is singly responsible for Washington's 1-2 record over the past seven days, they haven't helped either.
  • With the real-time media web a near-certain occurrence within 5 years or so, the Quixotic attempts of TimeWarner & others will only hasten their demise.
  • February 11th, 2010 at 7: 32 pm although my intuitive assumption would be that if an activity was subject to significant state action & social opprobrium its frequency in occurrence would drop.


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