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What is the meaning of odour in Hindi?

Meaning of odour in Hindi is : सुगन्ध

Definition of word odour

  • Any smell, whether fragrant or offensive; scent; perfume. (noun)
  • Something which produces a scent; incense, a perfume. (noun)

Examples of word odour

    • The gospel is incensed to signify the sweet odour which it communicates to our souls; and the ministers of God, to signify, according to St. Thomas, that God maketh manifest _the odour_ of his knowledge by us in every place: "For we are unto God _the good odour_ of Christ in them who are saved, and in them who perish".
    • Are there effluvia analogous to what we call odour: effluvia of extreme subtlety, absolutely imperceptible to us, yet capable of stimulating a sense-organ far more sensitive than our own?
    • The odour is growing ever-stronger, and the application of industrial-grade disinfectant is well overdue. posted by Dr. Dawg at 4: 36 PM
    • Having breathalysed, with consent, people in my clinic (I am a consultant occupational physician) who smell of alcohol, it is surprising how often an odour translates to someone three or four times over the limit and with untreated alcohol dependence.
    • Since "length of time spent on the plane" and "lack of friends" are not in the graph, body odour is the independent variable.


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