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What is the meaning of oeuvre in Hindi?

Meaning of oeuvre in Hindi is : संपूर्ण कृतियाँआँ

Definition of word oeuvre

  • A work of art. (noun)
  • The complete body of an artist's work. (noun)

Examples of word oeuvre

    • I've read a bit of her stuff online, and one thing I notice that seems to be missing from her oeuvre is her own romantic past.
    • The general theme permeating the Appleyard oeuvre, is to suggest that humans have needs which, in general, they don't actually have, such as the need for 'the sacred', and the need for 'spiritual depth', and to suggest that science is a threat because it threatens these needs.
    • I strongly suspect that the convention of the oeuvre is that the horrible things threatening the sympathetic characters will not come to pass.
    • Indeed, the entire oeuvre is more a mirror than I thought: the Stooges weren't the Stooges because they did what was familiar to them.
    • Connie Willis came to mind, but I must admit that my knowledge of her oeuvre is decidedly lacking.