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What is the meaning of of in Hindi?

Meaning of of in Hindi is : से

Definition of word of

  • Expressing direction. (preposition)
  • Expressing separation. (preposition)
  • Expressing origin. (preposition)
  • Expressing agency. (preposition)
  • Expressing composition, substance. (preposition)
  • Introducing subject matter. (preposition)
  • Having partitive effect. (preposition)
  • Expressing possession. (preposition)
  • Forming the "objective genitive". (preposition)
  • Expressing qualities or characteristics. (preposition)
  • Expressing a point in time. (preposition)
  • Common misspelling of 've. (verb)

Examples of word of

  • -- The relation of possession may be expressed not only by (_'s_) and by _of_ but by the use of such phrases as _belonging to_, _property of_, etc.
  • _A Description of the natives of_ Louisiana; _of their manners and customs, particularly those of the_ Natchez: _of their language, their religion, ceremonies_, Rulers _or_ Suns, _feasts, marriages, &c.
  • Besides, he caused a general visitation to be made of all the land from Quito to Chile, registering the whole population for more than a thousand leagues; and imposed a tribute [_so heavy that no one could be owner of a_ mazorca _of maize, which is their bread for food, nor of a pair of_ usutas, _which are their shoes, nor marry, nor do a single thing without special licence from Tupac Inca.
  • "Some days after the above trial, (which by the way did not come to an ultimate decision, as I believe) I was present in my brother's office, when Judge Turner, in a long conversation with my brother on the subject of his trials with his wife, said, '_That woman has been the immediate cause of the death of_ six _of my servants, by her severities_!
  • For _it is impossible not to foresee_, that the words and actions of men in different ranks and employments, and of different educations, _will perpetually be mistaken by each other_; and it cannot but be so, whilst they will judge with the utmost carelessness, as they daily do, _of what they are not perhaps enough informed to be competent judges of_, even though they considered it with great attention. "


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