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What is the meaning of off in Hindi?

Meaning of off in Hindi is : से दूर

Definition of word off

  • In a direction away from the speaker or object. (adverb)
  • Into a state of non-operation; into a state of non-existence. (adverb)
  • inoperative, disabled (adjective)
  • rancid, rotten (adjective)
  • in, or towards the half of the field away from the batsman's legs; the right side for a right-handed batsman (adjective)
  • Less than normal, in temperament or in result. (adjective)
  • Circumstanced. (adjective)
  • Started on the way. (adjective)
  • Used to indicate movement away from a position on (preposition)
  • Out of the possession of. (preposition)
  • Away from or not on. (preposition)
  • Disconnected or subtracted from. (preposition)
  • Distant from. (preposition)
  • No longer wanting or taking. (preposition)
  • Placed after a number (of products or parts, as if a unit), in commerce or engineering. (preposition)
  • To kill. (verb)
  • To switch off. (verb)

Examples of word off

  • -- When you desire to reform from drinking, never break off abruptly, which is dangerous; but _taper off_ gradually -- three glasses to-day, two to-morrow, and one the next day.
  • -- The Participle used as an adjective modifier, with the words belonging to it, is set off+ [Footnote: An expression in the body of a sentence is set off by two commas; at the beginning or at the end, by one comma.] +by the comma unless restrictive+.
  • (GEORGE _and_ BRIAN _go off at windows up_ L.) (DINAH _follows up_ R. _and watches them off_.)
  • "She's swept it off," said Prudy, speaking for her, "but she didn't sweep it _way off_!"
  • 'You must excuse her calling on you, she is never off the sofa, but --' And what a bright look he gave! as much as to say that his wife _on_ the sofa was better than any one else _off_.


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