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What is the meaning of office in Hindi?

Meaning of office in Hindi is : शागिर्द पेशा

Definition of word office

Examples of word office

  • Since the office of Secretary of state has at its core the mission of certifying and establishing the veracity of the election process, this complaint seeks a directive to the Washington State Office of Secretary of State to receive appropriate verifiable documentation and certify any individual's qualification for Office whose basic credentials for that Office have been challenged by formal request to the Office of Secretary of State from a citizen of Washington State.
  • The office ~35 employees I consult for uses Office because it's entrenched.
  • Google Docs and other office suites, the big question for Microsoft will be whether anyone wants to pay for Office 14 or not.
  • There has recently been an exchange on email with people In the office group about Office and HTML/
  • He would likely use the office as a beachhead from which to attack both Thomas and his old rival Sheriff Joe Arpaio (relations between the County Attorney†™ s Office and Sheriff†™ s Office warmed remarkably after Romley†™ s departure).


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