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What is the meaning of offside in Hindi?

Meaning of offside in Hindi is : बाहई सीमा के पार

Definition of word offside

  • In an illegal position ahead of the ball (adjective)
  • To the side of the road, past the curb and sidewalk, e.g. an offside diner (restaurant.) (adjective)
  • Unfavourably located, from the point of view of the player taking a finesse. (adjective)
  • An offside play (noun)
  • the right side of a road vehicle when facing in the same direction as the vehicle (noun)

Examples of word offside

  • Learning his lesson, when Gerrard puts through another ball to him, he simply doesn't bother to chase it, so far offside is he.
  • But the corner ends in a free kick for Houston.62 mins: That was good defending by Boswell, who stayed on his feet to slow up Keane.63 mins: There's still plenty of chatter about that offside decision: James Tyler tweets: @Busfield Thinking Keane was called offside incorrectly bc the linesman couldn't tell when the ball was played.
  • RSL had a goal disallowed in the 21st minute after Alvaro Saborio was called offside on his goal.
  • But the goal was called offside, just as Maurice Edu's late goal was disallowed against Slovenia last week, a score that would have given the Americans a victory.
  • As for the anachronism known as offside, experts in physiology say the human eye frequently cannot call offside accurately (try simultaneously tracking the ball and two or more sprinting players separated by 20 to 30 meters).


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