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What is the meaning of olive in Hindi?

Meaning of olive in Hindi is : ज़ैतून

Definition of word olive

  • An evergreen tree, Olea europaea, cultivated since ancient times in the Mediterranean for its fruit and the oil obtained from it. (noun)
  • The small oval fruit of this tree, eaten ripe (usually black) or unripe (usually green). (noun)
  • The wood of the olive tree. (noun)
  • A dark yellowish-green color, that of an unripe olive. (noun)
  • An olivary body, part of the medulla oblongata. (noun)
  • A component of a plumbing compression joint; a ring which is placed between the nut and the pipe and compressed during fastening to provide a seal. (noun)
  • Of a grayish green color, that of an unripe olive. (adjective)

Examples of word olive

  • um..yeah. olive garden is not expensive it all..it's quite cheep acutally. & olive garden is the best italian place in this world. so whatever you say about it..olive garden is fine!
  • A way around this would be to purchase 100\% extra virgin olive oil, but be sure to avoid the term olive oil as most of it is blended with some GMO cottonseed or canola.
  • American girls ', but is what they call olive complexion, like stuffed olives you buy in bottles, stuffed with cayenne pepper, but the girls are just like the cayenne pepper, so warm that you want to throw water on yourself after they have touched you.
  • The men are despicable looking people, of small stature, of a colour between black and yellow, which we call olive, having voices like women, and long black hair flowing on their shoulders.
  • The "olive" is made with a technique that Mr. Adri à calls "spherification," in which a flavored liquid is enclosed in a skin made of the same substance.