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What is the meaning of omen in Hindi?

Meaning of omen in Hindi is : सैन

Definition of word omen

  • Something which portends or is perceived to portend a good or evil event or circumstance in the future; an augury or foreboding. (noun)
  • prophetic significance (noun)
  • To be an omen of. (verb)
  • To divine or predict from omens. (verb)

Examples of word omen

  • Funny how your larpdip after omen is mild, while my larp dip is always the worste after omen.
  • Another ill omen is that this past winter was the first in memory that the airlines didn't have dead-of-winter, panicky sales to Europe.
  • Century City airs Tuesdays (how much of a good omen is that?) at 9: 00 pm EST on CBS ... and starts March 16th.
  • If it reach the ground in safety, without being broken, the omen is a most _un_favourable one.
  • He then wrote 'The Captive,' obtained an appointment to read it to the Princess of Wales, stumbled, like Cæsar, over a stool; the princess screamed, the omen was a true one -- 'The


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