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What is the meaning of omnipresent in Hindi?

Meaning of omnipresent in Hindi is : सर्वव्यापी

Definition of word omnipresent

  • Being everywhere simultaneously (adjective)

Examples of word omnipresent

  • When he explains that it is infinite and omnipresent, like poor Paddy's famed ale, the explanation 'thickens as it clears;' for being ourselves _finite_, and necessarily present on one small spot of our very small planet, the words _infinite_ and _omnipresent_ do not suggest to us either positive or practical ideas -- of course, therefore, we have neither positive nor practical ideas of an infinite and omnipresent Being.
  • But in order that the idea of omnipresent and omniscient information may be kept up, the young must be chronicled as quickly as the old.
  • One would have said that the notion omnipresent in all his members, of his vast riches gave him
  • If, then, we could suppose him to be omnipresent, that is, present in all places, should we not say he was the sad witness to all the outrages committed against his authority, and we should not entertain a very exalted opinion of his power if he permitted them to continue.
  • The standard is no longer head lettuce, but mesclun, or "baby lettuce mix," or whatever you choose to call the omnipresent pile of variably Like a lot of foodies, Monica Pope is a devoted stalker.
  • According to the Hutu spokesman, ethnic Nandes - primarily based in the north of the region - are 'omnipresent' in Nord-Kivu government posts.
  • For most entrepreneurs, "taxes are more of a nasty afterthought, a kind of omnipresent hassle rather than a way to get away with something," says Daniel Pink, author of "Free Agent Nation," a new book about rising self-employment.
  • They just tell a straight chronology, and they tell it pretty much in the authorial voice, the kind of omnipresent, omniscient, god-like "here's what happened and then here's what happened next."