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What is the meaning of on in Hindi?

Meaning of on in Hindi is : लगातार

Definition of word on

  • In the state of being active, functioning or operating. (adjective)
  • Performing according to schedule. (adjective)
  • Acceptable, appropriate. (adjective)
  • Destined, normally in the context of a challenge being accepted; involved, doomed. (adjective)
  • Having reached a base as a runner and being positioned there, awaiting further action from a subsequent batter. (adjective)
  • To an operating state. (adverb)
  • Along, forwards (continuing an action). (adverb)
  • In continuation, at length. (adverb)
  • In, or towards the half of the field on the same side as the batsman's legs; the left side for a right-handed batsman; leg. (adverb)
  • Later. (adverb)
  • Positioned at the upper surface of, touching from above. (preposition)
  • Covering. (preposition)
  • At the date of. (preposition)
  • Some time during the day of. (preposition)
  • Dealing with the subject of, about, or concerning something. (preposition)
  • Touching; hanging from. (preposition)
  • In the possession of. (preposition)
  • Because of, or due to. (preposition)
  • Immediately after. (preposition)
  • Paid for by. (preposition)
  • Used to indicate a means or medium. (preposition)
  • Indicating a means of subsistence. (preposition)
  • Away or occupied with (e.g. a scheduled activity). (preposition)
  • Regularly taking (a drug). (preposition)
  • Having identical domain and codomain. (preposition)
  • Having as domain and V as codomain, for some set V and integer n. (preposition)
  • Generated by. (preposition)
  • Supported by (the specified part of itself). (preposition)
  • At a given time after the start of something; at. (preposition)
  • Without. (preposition)

Examples of word on

  • It was different that night, not the way they yelled at me when I walked into the house with mud on my shoes; more the sound of screeching brakes when my dog was run over - going on and on  forever.
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  • Also, Kaz, I actually think that Christians would get along *better* if they *gave up on* inerrancy, but most won't give up on it so it's a pipedream.


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