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What is the meaning of onus in Hindi?

Meaning of onus in Hindi is : भार दायित्व

Definition of word onus

  • A legal obligation. (noun)
  • Burden of proof, onus probandi (noun)
  • Stigma. (noun)
  • Blame. (noun)
  • Responsibility; burden. (noun)

Examples of word onus

  • In this model, the onus is then on the author to make their work so compelling that the new reader can't wait to scour the used book market for other novels and will * have* to buy new.
  • Now the onus is now on each person to lead the transformation in our workplaces and communities.
  • The onus is still on the job seeker to network like mad, be at-the-ready for opportunities, and be the well packaged, articulate job candidate at all times.
  • Zandi said that given the dysfunction in Washington the "onus is on monetary policy."
  • They have played the most games of any team in the conference, so the onus is on them to have a strong finish.


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