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What is the meaning of opening in Hindi?

Meaning of opening in Hindi is : स्थान

Definition of word opening

  • Present participle of open. (verb)
  • An act or instance of making or becoming open. (noun)
  • Something that is open. (noun)
  • An act or instance of beginning. (noun)
  • Something that is a beginning. (noun)
  • A vacant position, especially in an array. (noun)
  • An opportunity, as in a competitive activity. (noun)
  • describing the first period of play, usually up to the fall of the first wicket; describing a batsman who opens the innings or a bowler who opens the attack (adjective)

Examples of word opening

  • Englert says the Palace's delay in opening is completely unrelated.
  • Once illness came on and the term opening, found no money on hand with which to commence; but nothing daunted, a job of work was sought; a garden was found in which he worked hard two and a half hours before and after school at ten cents an hour.
  • "Retailers are focusing more on what we term opening - to mid-price points as shoppers of every description are gravitating to the big box outlets," Schwartz told the conference.
  • I used to inspect homes in a previous career and it never bothered me except for the ones where the opening is a trap door and all grandma would have to do is kick it down and slide the fridge over it and you would be trapped.
  • In rare cases, the opening is at the back of the firebox, however this is not as efficient as the former for removing the smoke from the firebox and preventing the smoke from entering the room.


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