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What is the meaning of operation in Hindi?

Meaning of operation in Hindi is : स‌ंक्रिया

Definition of word operation

  • The method by which a device performs its function. (noun)
  • The method or practice by which actions are done. (noun)
  • A planned undertaking. (noun)
  • A business or organization. (noun)
  • a surgical procedure. (noun)
  • a procedure for generating a value from one or more other values (the operands; the value for any particular operands is unique) (noun)
  • a military campaign (e.g. Operation Desert Storm) (noun)

Examples of word operation

  • When mastoid suppuration is associated with chronic middle-ear disease, it is usually necessary to perform the complete radical operation -- _Stacke-Schwartze operation_.
  • The “how” “why” of the laws which are ostensibly in operation is likewise never explored.
  • I†™ d read about it, but to actually see it in operation is amazing.
  • What makes fusion safe in operation is also what makes it difficult to achieve.
  • MeV can be stored has been in operation from the mid eighties.


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