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What is the meaning of opium in Hindi?

Meaning of opium in Hindi is : अहिफेन

Definition of word opium

Examples of word opium

  • He had it bass-akwards actually Opium is the religion of the masses.
  • Opium is a common analgesic to which vast swathes of the population are addicted.
  • Michael Moorcock mailed me copies of two of his books both out of print, I believe, a story collection of his called The Opium General and a fantasy anthology he edited in the '70s.
  • Opium is a poison, destructive alike of the health and morals of those who use it habitually, and, therefore, the traffic in it ... is nothing less than making merchandise of the bodies and souls of men.
  • Opium is higher now than before the taliban took over (it was one of the few things they actually did control).


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