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What is the meaning of opportunity in Hindi?

Meaning of opportunity in Hindi is : सुसंयोग

Definition of word opportunity

  • A chance for advancement, progress or profit. (noun)
    उन्नति, प्रगति या लाभ का मौका।

Examples of word opportunity

  • Indeed, she insinuated that I was perfectly willing to squander the safety of our family just because I couldn't get a deal on batteries, wondering whether I'd ever heard the expression "opportunity cost."
  • When Flair learned that Warrior was getting the title opportunity at SummerSlam instead of him, he launched another series of well-calculated mind games.
  • NXT guys than talking about his title opportunity on Sunday.
  • If Povetkin takes another fight, tune-up or otherwise, he loses his title opportunity because the IBF will take away his mandatory ranking.
  • Triple H reminds Shawn that he still has his title opportunity with the Elimination Chamber.
  • Could have used some sort of verbal discussion from Jack Swagger pre-match to express what this title opportunity means to him.
  • Last Saturday night in Houston, Texas, Rocky Juarez had yet another title opportunity and was once again unable to capture a belt.
  • It was put over as unlucky for C.M. Punk and he still looked pretty good, so perhaps he'll get another title opportunity sometime after the winner of No Mercy's number one contender's match gets their shot.
  • I will cetainly be glad to "collect" an animal anytime the opportunity is available, because there have been many miles of briers, ticks, mosquitos, sand gnats, snakes, sweat and effort expended in between.