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What is the meaning of optical in Hindi?

Meaning of optical in Hindi is : प्रकाश संबंधी

Definition of word optical

  • Of, or relating to sight; visual (adjective)
  • Designed to assist or enhance sight (adjective)
  • Of, or relating to optics (adjective)
  • Of, or relating to visible light (adjective)
  • Incorporating light-sensitive devices (adjective)

Examples of word optical

  • : * [[optical measurement of nuclear explosions MASINT]] #optical measurement of nuclear explosions MASINT |
  • By providing what they call "optical depth of field", engineers will be able to deliver a wealth of information without having to design additional features, such as screens, into the car's fascia.
  • This fellow Dell thinks the phrase optical semiconductor will be on everyone’s lips in a few years, and I pass it along here in case people betting on proteomics lose their shirts.
  • I really can't discern any difference in optical quality in either.
  • I can't tell any difference in optical quality between the VX II and VX III.


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