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What is the meaning of optimistic in Hindi?

Meaning of optimistic in Hindi is : आशावादी

Definition of word optimistic

  • Expecting the best in all possible ways. (adjective)

Examples of word optimistic

  • "My expectations are that we'll get something done," Ryan said Thursday night, then added the term "optimistic."
  • To be sure, though, markets noticed that Mr. Bernanke used the word "optimistic" to describe his attitude on the U.S. economy.
  • My consolation is that the solstice will occur soon and the darkness recede in what I call the optimistic months of the year, though autumn has its moments.
  • So you remain optimistic that you can keep Kovalchuk in a Thrashers sweater?
  • We appreciate the ongoing support of our fans, sponsors and supporters and remain optimistic about the future of Freedom and WPS.


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