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What is the meaning of orator in Hindi?

Meaning of orator in Hindi is : सुवक्ता

Definition of word orator

  • Someone who orates or delivers an oration. (noun)
  • A skilled and eloquent public speaker. (noun)

Examples of word orator

    • Demades, the Ancient Greek orator, is about to address an assembly in Athens on a matter of vital importance.
    • It was a performance to daunt a lesser orator from the very attempt.
    • Colonel Winston, a great orator from the West, was at a convention in Washington as a candidate for Attorney-General.
    • A stump orator is imported, a real rabble-rouser of the peppiest kind, and with blatant eloquence he demonstrates that nothing will be easier than for Gopher Prairie to take the lead and reach the 200,000 class.
    • But whoever read it to you should have explained that when I wrote 'He was an orator,' the word orator was marked emphatically, so as to appear printed in capital letters of emphasis.


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