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What is the meaning of order in Hindi?

Meaning of order in Hindi is : हुक्म

Definition of word order

Examples of word order

  • (Money Order) _Order where the price is not known_
  • Order to Employer Entered - On this date an "Employer's Order to Withhold from Earnings for Child Support" and a "Medical Child-Support Order" were entered by the Court.
  • "People in Order" is a 3-minute film that shows 100 people, from the age of one to 100, hitting a drum.
  • It is in this latter sense that the term Order is applied in this article to all monasteries professing to observe St. Benedict's Rule.
  • The term Order as here applied to the spiritual family of St. Benedict is used in a sense differing somewhat from that in which it is applied to other religious orders.


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