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What is the meaning of ordinal in Hindi?

Meaning of ordinal in Hindi is : वर्गीय

Definition of word ordinal

  • Of a number, indicating position in a sequence. (adjective)
  • Of or relating to the groupings called orders. (adjective)
  • An ordinal number such as first, second and third. (noun)
  • A book used in the ordination of Anglican ministers, or in certain Roman Catholic services (noun)

Examples of word ordinal

  • Consider the confusing legacy of the term ordinal which, while more consistently used then all of the above terms, has the disadvantage that all of them have the potential to be intuitive, something that ordinal will never have going for it.
  • Reinach finds that so-called ordinal numbers are nothing but a shorthand way of referring to the (cardinal) number of terms a certain series contains up to some given term.
  • When an agent's preferences are complete and transitive and satisfy a further continuity condition, then they can be represented by a so-called ordinal utility function.
  • He introduced the notion of ordinal rank for ordinary sets and he noticed that ordinary sets can be arranged in a cumulative hierarchy, indexed by their ranks.
  • Reductive proof theory in this sense has followed two traditions: the first, mainly carried out by proof theorists following Gentzen and Schütte, has pursued a program of what is called ordinal analysis, and is exemplified by Gentzen's first consistency proof of PA by induction up to ε0. ε0 is a certain transfinite (though countable) ordinal, however, “induction up to ε0” in the sense used here is not a genuinely transfinite procedure.


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