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What is the meaning of organizational in Hindi?

Meaning of organizational in Hindi is : संगठन संबंधी

Definition of word organizational

  • of, relating to, or produced by an organization (adjective)

Examples of word organizational

  • Bruno Aziza is the co-author of Drive Business Performance: Enabling a Culture of Intelligent Execution and a fellow at the Advanced Performance Institute, an independent advisory group specializing in organizational performance.
  • Currently an innovative educator with a PhD in organizational development, Rebecca lives in Minnesota on the edge of a wetlands, where wild turkeys and other creatures teach her balance and renewal.
  • The lineup signified an apparent change in organizational thinking, or at least in Mr. Girardi's thinking.
  • The Muslim Brotherhood, cognizant of its short-term organizational advantage, pushed hard for a "yes" vote, propelling the nation toward parliamentary elections in a matter of months.
  • Under Brock and his successors, the GOP used its impressive resource base to build long-term organizational capacity.