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What is the meaning of otiose in Hindi?

Meaning of otiose in Hindi is : बेकार

Definition of word otiose

  • Resulting in no effect. (adjective)
  • Reluctant to work or to exert oneself. (adjective)
  • Having no reason for being (raison d’être); having no point, reason, or purpose. (adjective)

Examples of word otiose

  • I'm sorry to be such a scrotum, but did you mean to type "otiose" or "obtuse"?
  • Still, I pack too much, a huge duffle crammed with triple and quadruple of everything: shirts, shorts, footwear, rainwear, and all sorts of otiose extras I know I will never use.
  • Instead the Tories plan to ring-fence NHS spending, thus keeping hordes of adminstrators who are otherwise otiose beavering away at nothing very much.
  • For the rest of the year, I fought with my father who felt that a piano was an otiose flamboyance of the upper classes.
  • For all anyone knows, al-Qaida's gloating in its murderous glossy magazine, Inspire, and Niall Ferguson's talk of a caliphate are just as otiose as Blair's jawdropping exhortation, given his legacy of mayhem, for the west to show "the courage of our convictions, and the self-confident belief we can achieve them".


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