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What is the meaning of out in Hindi?

Meaning of out in Hindi is : ख़तम/अंत

Definition of word out

  • Away from home or one's usual place, or not indoors. (adverb)
  • Away from; at a distance. (adverb)
  • Away from the inside or the centre. (adverb)
  • Into a state of non-operation; into non-existence. (adverb)
  • Used to intensify or emphasize. (adverb)
  • Of a player, disqualified from playing further by some action of a member of the opposing team (such as being stumped in cricket). (adverb)
  • Away from the inside. (preposition)
  • this sense?) (informal) Away from the center. (preposition)
  • A means of exit, escape, reprieve, etc. (noun)
  • A state in which a member of the batting team is removed from play due to the application of various rules of the game such as striking out, hitting a fly ball which is caught by the fielding team before bouncing, etc. (noun)
  • A dismissal; a state in which a member of the batting team finishes his turn at bat, due to the application of various rules of the game such as hit wicket, wherein the bowler has hit the batter's wicket with the ball. (noun)
  • A card which can make a hand a winner. (noun)
  • To reveal (a person) to be secretly homosexual. (verb)
  • To reveal (a person or organization) as having a certain secret. (verb)
  • To reveal (a secret). (verb)
  • Of a young lady, having entered society and available to be courted. (adjective)
  • released, available for purchase, download or other use (adjective)
  • Of a batter or batsman, having caused an out called on himself while batting under various rules of the game. (adjective)
  • Openly acknowledging one's homosexuality. (adjective)

Examples of word out

  • Speak ever so slowly, so carefully picking out which immaculately groomed flowers to point out to you, and then stepping quietly backwards in their oh so finely-turned out  gentlemen's clothes and letting you go on ahead to admire things from your own safely chosen distances, your own freedom's comfortable as a big fat overstuffed chair perspective.
  • *Sits down next to PB and whips her bicycle pump out of her pack, fits it with special balloon-blowing-up attachment and helps out*
  • If acting out of friendship is composed of purposes, dispositions to have purposes, and the like, where these are purposes properly so-called, and thus not essentially described by the phrase Ëœout of friendshipâ„¢, there seems ¦ no guarantee that the person cares about and likes, has friendship for, the
  • I looked at Dan and tried to not cry, which freaked him out I think, because he got that “Oh Christ, please don't freak out” look on his face.
  • But most of the agent-searching advice out there says to seek out agents who represent authors whose work is similar to ours -even to *point those similarities out* to the agent in our queries.


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