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What is the meaning of outcome in Hindi?

Meaning of outcome in Hindi is : फल

Definition of word outcome

  • Information, event, object or state of being produced as a result or consequence of a plan, process, accident, effort or other similar action or occurrence. (noun)
  • A positive result or consequence. (noun)
  • The result of a random trial. An element of a sample space. (noun)
  • The results or evidence of students' learning experience. Often used in place of desired outcomes. (noun)

Examples of word outcome

  • I hesitate to classify this under the Florida GOP Police Blotter given the outcome of the situation, but there's no doubt it would be there but for said outcome*, so here we go.
  • And he realized that he had contributed to the successful outcome or issue of the experiments (_outcome?
  • NOGUCHI: Sharga says he thinks the main outcome is that the delays will simply prolong an already protracted housing crisis.
  • CJ outcome is short for a Criminal Justice outcome – ie a formal sanction. on August 10, 2009 at 10: 06 am billymehan
  • While Dean admits that his latest decision to continue his campaign regardless of the Wisconsin outcome is an "obvious contradiction," he's only halfway to the truth.


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