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What is the meaning of outfit in Hindi?

Meaning of outfit in Hindi is : हथियार

Definition of word outfit

  • A set of clothing (with accessories). (noun)
    कपड़ों का एक सेट (सामान के साथ)।
  • To provide with, usually for a specific purpose. (verb)
    प्रदान करने के लिए, आमतौर पर एक विशिष्ट उद्देश्य के लिए।

Examples of word outfit

    • In fact that's Wilders 'dream; the outfit is actually called International Freedom Alliance and was launched last July - to "defend freedom" and "stop Islam".
    • As you can see, Miley really turned it out for her G-A-Y fans … the outfit is actually kinda hot and she is really owning this non-kiss kiss that she keeps doing in live performances.
    • This outfit is a tribute to Nico, the always beautifully put together and chic fictional character on the late Lipstick Jungle.
    • The Fates are aligned in the form of the title outfit, led by a no-nonsense operative named Richardson, played by John Slattery in a crafty, deadpan take.
    • This outfit is a-goin 'to turn back, and we'll all sleep at Pete's place to-night.
    • OK — the outfit is fine, but choice for the place and hour not so much: makes her look as if she were going to (or coming from) some other event.
    • Elsewhere, one outfit is selling a spray called PhotoBlocker, which claims to make one's license plate illegible to the red light camera.