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What is the meaning of outlive in Hindi?

Meaning of outlive in Hindi is : से ज्यादा जीना

Definition of word outlive

  • To live longer than; continue to live after the death of; overlive; survive. (verb)
  • To live through or past (a given time). (verb)
  • To surpass in duration; outlast. (verb)
  • To live longer; continue to live. (verb)

Examples of word outlive

  • It'll be fascinating to see how greater DVR penetration changes networks and advertisers, as well as to see how TiVo's own story unfolds -- despite the fanatical loyalty of TiVo users like me, I wouldn't be surprised to have the name outlive the company as a synonym for DVR, which would be a rather heroic failure.
  • Â May the written word outlive the spoken and may his books influence not only fathers and children today, but also society for generations to come.
  • And as to the necessity of it, I look upon it as no less than a completion of baptism in such as outlive their childhood; and for that cause called by the ancients telei'osis.
  • Reefhound, You are probably correct (I can't say with certainty) because no beneficiary would ever outlive the 100 years.
  • When he gets his notice, he snaps, convinced that life is unjust, since those who deserve punishment will outlive him.


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