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What is the meaning of overbearing in Hindi?

Meaning of overbearing in Hindi is : रोबीला

Definition of word overbearing

  • Overly bossy, domineering, or arrogant. (adjective)

Examples of word overbearing

  • Perry, who caused a stir in 2009 when he openly pondered his state's secession from the United States, was sharply critical of what he called an overbearing federal government.
  • However, call her overbearing and annoying, her “Ghetto” origins or lack thereof dont appear to have any bearing.
  • She was also known as the overbearing mother Ida Morgenstern on the 1970s comedy series Rhoda, Nancy Walker was an established stage performer for decades before making it in television.
  • "I've learned over the years to temper that emotion, that inclination to be what some people would call overbearing," Ferris said this week.
  • At a pre-trial hearing for Khadr last month, Hartmann was described as overbearing and tactless and alleged to have overstepped his role as legal adviser to become the "de facto chief prosecutor."


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