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What is the meaning of overconfident in Hindi?

Meaning of overconfident in Hindi is : अतिविश्वासी

Definition of word overconfident

  • too confident. (adjective)
  • presumptuous, cocksure, rude and disrespectful. (adjective)

Examples of word overconfident

    • "What they've done by foolishly acting so arrogant and overconfident is that they've basically put out the warning signal, and I am finding that people are very ready to overcome this."
    • A fighter in the ring that does not have a game plan, especially when he enters fat, flabby, and overconfident, is going to get his clock fucking cleaned - every goddamn time.
    • He had confidence in himself, which any one must have to be successful, but still he was not overconfident, which is a fault quite as much as timidity.
    • In Tuesday's statements, Zijin said it was "overconfident" and paid insufficient attention to the possibility of a crisis in the course of its rapid expansion.
    • Even today, seven years later, the often "overconfident" reporting from Baghdad and Kabul sometimes takes your breath away.


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