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What is the meaning of overmuch in Hindi?

Meaning of overmuch in Hindi is : बहुत अधिक

Definition of word overmuch

  • very much; too much (determiner)

Examples of word overmuch

  • I have known her since she was a mite, with a fat, solemn dumpling of a face … Her parents are of the good old conservative type, not believing in overmuch book-knowledge for a girl, and with an eye to a good husband and mother-in-law for the child.
  • As long as the bandsmen were playing then the British Battalions were not suffering overmuch from the French bombardment.
  • Kira stressed the word perhaps overmuch, but she meant it to burn.
  • Much of this has been driven by the American Library Association which, truth be told, is not among my favorite organizations, but my distaste for them lacks enough intensity for me to complain overmuch.
  • "I should not have thought Brianna the kind of lass to mind her father's word overmuch, " he said.


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