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What is the meaning of overripe in Hindi?

Meaning of overripe in Hindi is : अधिक पका हुआ

Definition of word overripe

  • Excessively ripe; spoiled; gone bad. (adjective)

Examples of word overripe

  • Already fragile, only hours away from being classified as overripe, they bruised instantly.
  • It was "overripe," to borrow the term Johan Huizinga used to describe late Medieval culture.
  • "overripe" stage, the cataract would be completely white and block vision.
  • With those yellow fruits forgotten and overripe in your backpack, make muffins.
  • I thought it was a fascinating film overall, very overripe but possessing a fun-to-follow storyline that kept me hooked — crazy woman-eating asp and all.


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