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What is the meaning of overuse in Hindi?

Meaning of overuse in Hindi is : बहुत अधिक काम में लाना

Definition of word overuse

  • To use too much (verb)
  • excessive use (noun)

Examples of word overuse

  • After receiving more than 360 complaints that long-term overuse of the popular denture cream Fixodent caused serious nerve damage, the
  • The FDA has called the overuse of antibiotics in food animals "a serious public health threat," linking it to the emergence of super-scary superbugs like MRSA.
  • It's a metaphor too good not to overuse, which is why everything from insurance companies to arctic icebreakers have incorporated the word Sampo in their names.
  • For example, we might say that a machine has broken down due to overuse, which is a relational property.
  • GUPTA: Her ground strokes, well, they are improving but her joints are suffering from something called overuse injuries.


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