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What is the meaning of paid in Hindi?

Meaning of paid in Hindi is : सवेतन

Definition of word paid

  • Simple past tense and past participle of pay. (verb)

Examples of word paid

  • "Just think, Sara, to be paid, actually _paid_, for having the biggest kind of a picnic," he cried rapturously.
  • Save for the assistance of the hard-worked Tony whom she paid -- paid sparingly she confessed, but nevertheless _paid_ -- she attended to her own plowing, planting, and harvesting, and was beholden to nobody.
  • Thus a _sestertius_, which was of silver, and was worth four _asses_, was paid with one _as_, which was of brass; or _the fourth part only of the debt was paid_.
  • I would not only have them paid, but _well paid_; but I would not have them sit in parliament while they received the pay.
  • I'll scrub and cook and haul wood for ye till I've paid ye back -- _paid ye_, "she repeated more softly,


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