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What is the meaning of painful in Hindi?

Meaning of painful in Hindi is : श्रमसाध्य

Definition of word painful

Examples of word painful

  • Just five weeks ago, Montgomery County Executive Isiah Leggett proposed a $4.3 billion budget packed with what he called painful choices, including raising taxes and cutting popular programs.
  • But the bottom line, the reason why this is major news is you now have a U.S. president really trying to prod both sides to make what he called painful political concessions, to make difficult choices, and putting, basically, a deadline on it.
  • Plus, Michelle Obama speaking very candidly about what she calls the painful, difficult controversy dogging her husband's campaign.
  • Also, it continues to be the positions of Israel, Arthel, that it wants to see changes to this road map and that it believes the Palestinians need to visibly crackdown on terror organizations before Prime Minister Sharon says Israel is prepared to make what he calls painful concessions.
  • The original sketch is only an improvisation, but with the second version begins what he calls the painful part of his labor.


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