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What is the meaning of palais in Hindi?

Meaning of palais in Hindi is :

Definition of word palais

Examples of word palais

  • This project is called “the shiwiars project” and has started in palais de tokyo last september 1 through a blog, where you may follow my adventure.
  • When Venus first enters Mercury's "palais," she "_ne found ne sey no maner wight_."
  • He spelled it "palais," which shows that he had very poor early English advantages, or that he was, as I have always suspected, a native of
  • In a little lost village in the hinterland of the Ligurian coast, we have stumbled upon Le paradis du palais.
  • The pair also cooked up a wholly unlikely urban interloper, the Werdplatz-palais, a social centre and soup kitchen built in 2008 in Zurich, cheek-by-jowl with the stock exchange.


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