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What is the meaning of pallid in Hindi?

Meaning of pallid in Hindi is : विवर्ण

Definition of word pallid

  • Appearing weak, pale, or wan. (adjective)

Examples of word pallid

  • When it becomes "civilized" it becomes anæmic, and crawls feebly in pallid mauves and greens, with long spindle stalks that lack vitality to throw out more than one or two atrophied leaves.
  • Unlike all other Dolomites that we have yet seen, the Croda Rossa, instead of being grey and pallid, is of a gloomy brownish and purplish hue, like the mountain known as "Black Stairs," near Enniscorthy, in Ireland.
  • And in the Mississippi-Missouri River basin the full species called the pallid sturgeon and the shovelnose sturgeon are indistinguishable by genetic analysis but have obvious morphological differences.
  • "The quantity used was infinitesimal," said Mrs. Sinclair, "but it seems to have been enough to subdue what I once heard Sir John describe as the pallid solidity of the innocent calf."
  • There is still another variety, called the pallid horned lark, which spends the winter in Colorado, then hies himself farther north in summer to rear his brood.


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