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What is the meaning of pallor in Hindi?

Meaning of pallor in Hindi is : फीकापन

Definition of word pallor

  • Paleness; want of color; pallidity. (noun)

Examples of word pallor

  • Even though Freeman's lovely caramel pallor is at odds with these facts, he nonetheless projects the necessary authority to play America’s most-celebrated military and civil leader.
  • Do this by wasting money every two weeks on at least one expensive rouge lipstick that, once you have left the shop, turns out to be too berry, too Royal Mail-box red, too silt puddle brown or too zany raspberry for your skin pallor.
  • He has a tendency to lose his temper and order God to curse people with his skin pallor.
  • At his watchful distance, her pallor was a beacon, a broadcast resonance.
  • I assumed her pallor was the result of being indoors all the time and that the blue vein that beat wildly at her temple was a kind of inner metronome.


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