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What is the meaning of paltry in Hindi?

Meaning of paltry in Hindi is : रद्दी

Definition of word paltry

  • trashy, trivial, of little value (adjective)
  • meager; worthless; pitiful; trifling (adjective)

Examples of word paltry

  • Haughty, proud, and uncompromising, though neither destitute of honor nor generosity, he despised and hated what he termed the paltry associations of herdsmen and shepherds, united with a few towns which subsisted chiefly by commerce; and instead of courting the Helvetian
  • I listened to Ebenezer Ato Sam aka Baby Ansaba on myjoyonline. com on 2nd February 2010 and I must say that he is an archetypal example of what gutter Accra are incensed over what they describe as paltry salaries and poor working conditions.
  • Let us not fag in paltry works which serve our pot and bag alone.
  • As you know, of course, the U.S. being criticized for what some called a paltry and slow response to this humanitarian crisis.
  • Boston, which was once again paltry on the power play.


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