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What is the meaning of papal in Hindi?

Meaning of papal in Hindi is : पोप संबंधी

Definition of word papal

  • Having to do with the pope or the papacy. (adjective)

Examples of word papal

  • (Pius XI seated upon the papal throne in papal mantum, with Cardinal deacons in cappa on either side)
  • Why should we rely on anti-LT Catholics when we wouldn't dream, for example, of asking Protestants to explain papal infallibility?
  • I would later learn that my ideas about social justice, better articulated and without my errors, appear in papal encyclicals.
  • Few believe in papal infallibility, but they are less likely than liberals to say that "all the world's great religions are equally true."
  • The change in papal funerals was expressed most starkly in the first to be held after Vatican II.


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