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What is the meaning of paprika in Hindi?

Meaning of paprika in Hindi is : शिमला मिर्च

Definition of word paprika

  • Powdered spice made from dried and ground fruits of sweet pepper (bell pepper) or chili pepper (varieties of Capsicum annuum), or mixtures of these (used especially in Hungarian cooking). (noun)
  • A variety of the spice. (noun)
  • A dried but not yet ground fruit of sweet pepper (bell pepper) or chili pepper sold for use as a spice. (noun)
  • A bright reddish orange colour like that of the dried paprika. (noun)
  • Of a bright reddish orange colour, like that of the dried paprika. (adjective)

Examples of word paprika

  • I thought maybe my family would like it too (little did I realize back then just how much my family does not care for Indian food), and so I made it for them, increasing the mustard seeds but massively reducing the pepper flakes for my heat-averse mother (I did not know to sub in paprika then).
  • And, lest I have scared you off from the dish, subbing in paprika works just fine and both my kids were able to eat this when I made it.
  • Not wanting to blow their heads off, though, my mom comprimised, taking two different cookbook recipes (one German, one Polish) and adding four different types of pepper instead of a ton of one specific kind (which would have been paprika from the Polish version).
  • Smoked Spanish paprika is nice too, and quite pretty.
  • You could also try making these using sweet smoked Spanish paprika, which is available in some supermarkets.


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