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What is the meaning of parameter in Hindi?

Meaning of parameter in Hindi is : मापदण्ड

Definition of word parameter

Examples of word parameter

  • "WHERE ProcessStatus = 0 and Parameter = @Parameter ORDER BY ProcessDate DESC", conn);
  • He has written many stories set in a space opera milieu called the Parameter, some of which have appeared in Strange Horizons, Twenty Epics, and Talebones.
  • Format REMOVE/IDENTIFIER id-name Parameter: id-name Specifies the name of an identifier in the rights database.
  • The setting, called Parameter Handling, enables site owners to specify up to 15 parameters that Google should ignore when crawling and indexing the site.
  • If a line be drawn through the focus of a parabola parallel to the ordinates of any diamcs ter, which is terminated both ways by the curve, k is called a Parameter to that diameter.


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