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What is the meaning of paranoiac in Hindi?

Meaning of paranoiac in Hindi is : संविभ्रमी

Definition of word paranoiac

  • Pertaining to paranoia. (adjective)
  • Somebody who has paranoia, a paranoid person. (noun)

Examples of word paranoiac

    • … So-called paranoiac constitution … Hypertrophy of the Ego …
    • In the same vein, Sean Hannity on his website ran a poll that played into the same kind of paranoiac posture exemplified by Keyes.
    • Delvaux's major influences include De Chirico, Dalí and fellow Belgian René Magritte, though his work has none of the shock value of Magritte and none of Dalí's famous 'paranoiac' method.
    • Quote of the day: I am a kind of paranoiac in reverse.
    • We ask you to try to understand why we appear so 'paranoiac', as you call us.
    • After the assassination of President Garfield by the "paranoiac"
    • City Paranoid for sure creates a kind of 'paranoiac' sensation.
    • Americans are sometimes "paranoiac" and believe all the world hates them, which is of course wrong.
    • Leipzig, 1896) have explained "paranoiac" conditions by a laming of the association-organ.