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What is the meaning of pardon in Hindi?

Meaning of pardon in Hindi is : मुआफी

Definition of word pardon

Examples of word pardon

  • I have seen daylilies for sale with the label Pardon Me that are not that daylily, so be aware of what it should look like.
  • Jefferson Davis while he lived considered it a point of honor to REFUSE to ask for a Pardon from the United States.
  • /U.K. is the fact that certain words and expressions in English with a hint of Francophobia, as well as some French words and sayings of an Anglophobic nature, have largely fallen into disuse The expression Pardon my French was once a popular way of saying “excuse my bad language.”
  • Pardon is the only way to overcome the legal and social consequences of conviction, since a federal conviction cannot be expunged.
  • Prince, “Pardon is better than vengeance and mercy is of the quality of the noble;” and the King repeated,


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