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What is the meaning of part in Hindi?

Meaning of part in Hindi is : हिस्सा

Definition of word part

  • A fraction of a whole; a portion syn. transl. (noun)
  • A distinct element or component (noun)
  • A group inside a larger group syn. transl. (noun)
  • duty; responsibility (noun)
  • share, especially of a profit (noun)
  • Position or role (especially in a play) (noun)
  • A unit of relative proportion in a mixture (noun)
  • 3.5 centiliters of one ingredient in a mixed drink (noun)
  • A section of a document (noun)
  • The dividing line formed by combing the hair in different directions syn. transl. (noun)
  • The melody played or sung by a particular instrument, voice, or group of instruments or voices, within a polyphonic piece (noun)
  • In the Hebrew lunisolar calendar, a unit of time equivalent to 3â…“ seconds syn. (noun)
  • A section of land; an area of a country or other territory; region (noun)
  • Each of two contrasting sides of an argument, debate etc.; "hand". (noun)
  • To leave. (verb)
  • To cut hair with a parting. (verb)
  • To divide in two. (verb)
  • To be divided in two or separated. (verb)
  • To divide up; to share. (verb)
  • To leave (an IRC channel). (verb)
  • Fractional; partial. (adjective)
  • Partly; partially; fractionally. (adverb)

Examples of word part

  • Miss Snark, the literary agent: Is it Crap..cover letters.. part huit..part soy.
  • And the same Apostle tells us, that _now we see through A Glass darkly_; and that _we know in part, and prophesie in part_ [43].
  • These facts, or principles, will very probably be found to form only a part of her operations; -- but as they do really form _a part_, they will become a nucleus, round which all the remaining principles when discovered will necessarily congregate.
  • Speaking of the condition of slaves, in the eastern part of that state, the report says, -- "The master puts the unfortunate wretches upon short allowances, scarcely sufficient for their sustenance, so that a _great part_ of them go _half starved_ much of the time."
  • Another conclusion from the facts enumerated above is that there has obviously been a great world catastrophe, and that this must be assigned as the cause of a large part, -- _just how large a part_ it is at present difficult to say, -- of the changes recorded in the fossiliferous rocks.