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What is the meaning of partake in Hindi?

Meaning of partake in Hindi is : हिस्सेदार होना

Definition of word partake

  • To take part in an activity; to participate (verb)

Examples of word partake

  • If someone chooses to partake, that is their choice and the consequences are known.
  • Quaenam beneficia in hac that are effectually called partake of in this life? vita consequuntur ii qui sunt vocati efficaciter?
  • Other ... being not at all Pipe My favorite way to partake is to say "No thank you".
  • The following bill of 1763, found among the Schuyler papers, gives a hint of the manner in which the service was conducted, and perhaps explains why the women scarcely ever attended the funeral in the "dead room," as it was called, but remained in an upper room, where they could at least hear what was said, if they could not "partake" of the occasion.
  • For as His presence, which conveyed to us those great and unutterable blessings, condemned the more them that received it not: so also the Mysteries become provisions [157] of greater punishment to such as partake unworthily.
  • Such years are in many men's lives marked by the projection, or even by the partial accomplishment, of literary undertakings on a large scale, and more especially of such as partake of an imitative character.
  • God is a severe animadverter upon such as partake without such a preparation, 84.
  • I have never in my life associated "partake" with any kind of drug use.
  • Brown, 1893, pp. 162-164.] [395] {362} [To "partake" this or that is an obsolete construction, but rests on the authority of Dryden and other writers of the period.