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What is the meaning of pass on in Hindi?

Meaning of pass on in Hindi is :

Definition of word pass on

Examples of word pass on

  • A lick now an again ud do _him_ noa harm -- a cantankerous yoong rascot -- pert an proud, like t 'passon's pig, I say.'
  • They should be returning now, to passon the lessons and bring back squadrons trained in our bloodily bought experience.
  • This passon had a daughter who wuz sweet as sugar candy,
  • 'They two dogs, they be summat like a couple o' wild b'ys; they keeps the passon and the mistress in, not for to say hot water, but bilin 'water, for the livelong day!' constantly declared Binks, who was the handy-man at the Vicarage, and, in fact, handy-man at the little church as well, he being both factotum and sexton.
  • And as for the bits o 'birds an' beasts well, I've heard the old passon -- Mr. Vesey himself -- say, an 'I never forget the words, as --


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