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What is the meaning of passionate in Hindi?

Meaning of passionate in Hindi is : भावुक

Definition of word passionate

  • Given to strong feeling, sometimes romantic and/or sexual. (adjective)
  • Fired with intense feeling; ardent, blazing, burning. (adjective)
  • A passionate individual. (noun)
  • To fill with passion, or with another given emotion. (verb)

Examples of word passionate

  • You don't hear the term passionate conservative much anymore.
  • Meanwhile, Mr. Christie is taking the same tact in what he described as a "passionate" relationship with Mr. Sweeney, who has the power to single-handedly block bills.
  • XAYKAOTHAO: Pastor Suh says Gomes and Park may have been drawn to the North because of what he described as passionate prayers by defectors now living in the South, many of whom attend their small church.
  • I also asked her if it wasn't really the responsibility of what she called the passionate majority within this religion to make their voices heard and she agreed with that.
  • At Yale, he was a pre-med student before switching to economics because of what he described as a passionate interest in the way markets operate.


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