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What is the meaning of paste in Hindi?

Meaning of paste in Hindi is : सटाना

Definition of word paste

  • A soft mixture, in particular: (noun)
    एक नरम मिश्रण, विशेष रूप से:
  • To stick with paste; to cause to adhere by or as if by paste. (verb)
    पेस्ट के साथ चिपकाने के लिए; पेस्ट द्वारा या मानो पालन करने का कारण।

Examples of word paste

    • The coca paste is then refined primarily in Columbia into cocaine HCI salt and it predominantly enters the U.S. in this form.
    • After the paste is applied, the pineapple is fired in the kiln for a period of five hours.
    • Coca paste is another form of cocaine that is 60-80percent cocaine sulfate and can also be smoked. 7 The cocaine sulfate is a byproduct of the purification process of cocaine HCI and the paste may contain such impurities as lead, sulfuric acid, kerosene, and methanol. 5 In past years it had been used mainly by inhabitants of coca plant producing countries such as Peru7 but since 1982 has also become popular in the United States. 3 However, alkaloidal cocaine remains the predominant new form in use today.
    • Hi Klaus … easiest would be to cut-and-paste from the entry for INPUT in An A-Z of ELT:
    • The insects are harvested in Venustiano Carranza and a paste is made with them which is used to make the lacquer in Chiapa de Corzo.
    • They cut and paste from the experts (as determined by the acclamation of their media peers) and can't make independent assessments of the technical content.